Our Technologies

A comprehensive hardware & software combination focused on reliability, modularity and connectivity of components provide long uptime, reduced maintenance and shorten payback period of charging infrastructure.

In-house developed software

The software developed by us fully supports the OCPP 2.0.1, providing control of the station status by more than 300 parameters. Station systems are monitored and updated in real time, 24/7. At the same time, we ensure complete data security.

Software development

Smart energy system

The smart energy system monitors power consumption and adjusts the charging process according to the available power level. This ensures that the electric vehicle never draws more power from the grid than is available, preventing overloads and providing optimal charging speeds.

Station's smart energy system circuit

Station controller system

The station control system developed by our engineers includes control modules, telemetry, EV communication modules and external control systems. We can quickly make any changes and additions to the system, whether they are required by new market trends or a by a customer.

Station's controller system circuit

Easy & fast maintenance

Charging station architecture ensures simple and fast maintenance. Modular layout of elements enables module replacement within 10 minutes. A 4-door hull provides easy access to critical units and components. Thus, downtime of the station in case of emergency is kept to a minimum.

Station maintenance

Simultaneous EV charging

Our charging stations can be equipped with additional DC connectors – up to 4 connectors on one station. This allows to maximize charging sessions and minimize payback period of the station. The dynamic power allocation system distributes available power between plugged-in EVs, which accelerates the charging process and optimizes power consumption.

E-buses charging simultaneously

High speed with no risk

We equip our stations with overload protection units and an improved cooling system to ensure high charging speed and zero breakdowns. We can also upgrade the station with an HPC cable to provide ultra-fast charging.

Charging station's cooling fans


We are eager to develop new projects and technologies and are always in search of new ideas and partnerships.

If you are willing to elaborate a revolutionary solution along with our team – just leave your request below. Whether it is an innovative station feature or a global project – let's do it together!

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