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Origin is a global technology company, designing, manufacturing, and supplying fast charging solutions for cars, buses and trucks. We are experienced in implementing large-scale infrastructure projects that require reliable and up-to-date technologies. Origin offers fast and ultra fast DC chargers for electric vehicles and Mega charging systems for charging hubs.

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founding year


team of engineers

80 GW*h

charged by now


charging sessions per day


of presence: MEA, Balkans

Company’s current portfolio


Global market

CPO at Origin, Engineer, Entrepreneur. Responsible for product and production development strategy. Designed the first in Eastern Europe solar-paneled charging station for EV.

Global Market

CEO at Origin, Engineer, Entrepreneur. Responsible for investments and financial strategy, Partnerships

Managing Director
Türkiye market

Responsible for Türkiye's manufacturing and sales activities.

Serbian Market

MsC in operations management and manufacturing systems, Entrepreneur. Responsible for operations in Serbia.

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