ORIGIN in partnership with AMPECO

January 23, 2024

Origin Charging Technologies in partnership with AMPECO – the market proven charging management platform – has successfully completed online integration testing of our ORIGIN chargers.

For our customers – EV CPOs – this means delivering user-centric and advanced platform solutions that enable improved smart charging and enhanced safety.

For Origin, the cooperation with such an innovative and renowned platform as AMPECO is an opportunity to grow globally and offer the rapid integration of our high-tech, reliable ultra-fast stations to those EV CPOs who have already implemented or plan to implement this platform.


AMPECO provides an all-in-one EV charging management software platform built to suit the needs of high-growth customers. It offers a white-label, hardware-agnostic solution that covers all EV charging business use cases and allows customers to manage their network efficiently while providing an outstanding experience for EV drivers.

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